Welcome to the new RestfulDevelopment.net website. This is my place on the net to share knowledge about web, database, and enterprise software. In my day to day work with technology, I have found there is No Silver Bullet [ucsf.edu] to the essential difficulties of software development. Essential best practices are situational and defined by context. […]

Web applications accessible to the public Internet are guaranteed to be the target of random or focused attempts at mischief or abuse and recovering from a root compromise always painful. At a minimum, web applications require the planned design and consistent implementation of diverse technologies based on: education in the Most Critical Security Vulnerabilities [owasp.org] […]

There is a definite Art in Computer Programming [pragprog.com] shaped by the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs [mit.edu] and established Design Principles and Design Patterns [depaul.edu] From a technical pespective, Refactoring [refactoring.com] is the essential technique to incrementally remove harmful code patterns such as the Go To Statement [c2.com] and other AntiPatterns [antipatterns.com] such […]

The original Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks [acm.org] was a major milestone in the history of information technology that has undergone changes in understanding over the years. Despite the fact There is No Database Magic [kimballgroup.com], A Review of Relational Concepts [wikipedia.org] is useful to avoid widespread Logical-Physical Confusion [dbdebunk.com]. Conceptual, […]

Despite the occasional protestations to the contrary by HiPPOs [mpdailyfix.com], there are Research Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines [usability.gov] and Guidelines for Web Credibility [standford.edu] that should be familiar to all web database software developers with an understanding of the Differences Between Print Design and Web Design [useit.com]. At a minimum, web developers should […]

Although developers often use the terms interchangably, there is a difference between a .NET Application Domain [microsoft.com] and an ASP.NET Application Pool [microsoft.com]. Regular .NET applications load assemblies into an application domain on demand. ASP.NET has special behavior that will automatically load all assemblies in the /bin directory when the application domain loads or reloads. […]

SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites have a cool spell check feature for page content but it is not at all obvious how to add words your own words to the dictionary. Unlike most modern word processors there is no “Add to Dictionary” button on the GUI. Instead you need to: Create a text file called “Custom […]

SharePoint 2010 has a cool Note Board Web Part (a.k.a SPSWC:SocialCommentWebPart) that you can use to share with colleagues [microsoft.com]. However, when there are no comments posted it will display the following text: There are no notes posted yet. You can use notes to comment on a page, document, or external site. When you create […]