Planning for Monitoring SharePoint 2010 is a key component of any enterprise installation. Micorosoft’s free (but unsupported and no longer available as an official download 🙂 ULS Viewer is an amazing tool to provide insights into the inner workings of the platform. However it can be difficult to distinguish which errors are actually show stoppers […]

In the last post Time After Time: Creating a Valid Time Sql Audit Table, we created the basic data structures required for the audit tables. To complete the solution, we are now ready to create an audit trigger that will populate the audit_Orders history table every time the main Orders table is modified and discuss […]

In an earlier post Time After Time: Temporal Modeling for Sql Audits and Historic Views I discussed the concept of Valid-Time tables. This is a powerful technique that can be used for many different design goals. To further clarify the idea, here is a very basic example demonstrating the use of an Valid-Time audit history […]

Here is another “Back to Basics” post to help establish, explain and document a baseline architecture for web applications. The modern web is filled with phenonmenal opportunities and following a few basic engineering priciples goes a long way to keep things moving forward in a positive direction. By design, a web user agent (e.g. a […]

In my daily work I am often called in as a “terminator” for tough problems that cannot be resolved through normal support channels. Not long ago I was tasked to figure out why a custom SharePoint 2010 Feature was failing to activate on a production farm. Using SharePoint Features [] is an awesome way to […]

I am happy to have finished the migration to a new WordPress platform. It is time for a break w00t!!!! Thanks for all the good words and encouragement so far. Enjoy the summer season!

Out of the box, the SharePoint 2010 includes an awesome Spell Check feature for Publishing sites. But if you have a UserField on your Layout page, it will also spell check hidden XML codes used by the People Picker control and report dozens of invisible errors. As of this posting, I know of no supported […]