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Find Me In Chicago

This article and the Find Me In Chicago application was originally written in 2016. I am pleased to say that as of this update, the application still seems to be working just fine. If I were to do a rewrite today, I would definitely not use jQuery. Sorry jQuery, I still appreciate all you have […]

SharePoint 2010 Fix for Note Board SocialComment WebPart Default Text Using jQuery

SharePoint 2010 has a cool Note Board Web Part (a.k.a SPSWC:SocialCommentWebPart) that you can use to share with colleagues []. However, when there are no comments posted it will display the following text: There are no notes posted yet. You can use notes to comment on a page, document, or external site. When you create […]

SharePoint 2010 Fix for Spell Check of Publishing Site UserField Using JQuery

Out of the box, the SharePoint 2010 includes an awesome Spell Check feature for Publishing sites. But if you have a UserField on your Layout page, it will also spell check hidden XML codes used by the People Picker control and report dozens of invisible errors. As of this posting, I know of no supported […]