1 Click DB: Open Source Web Database Administration Using Active Server Pages

1 Click DB web enables basic Browse-Search-Export-Add-Edit-Delete and Database Administration features for Microsoft Access, Sql Server and Oracle databases. This popular open source software first debuted in 1998 authored by David Kawliche using ASP (Active Server Page) technology. Currently there is no formal technical support for the scripts, they still seem to work fine “out of the box” on most modern IIS/SQL Server installations I have seen.

Download 1 Click DB FreeDownload 1 Click DB Pro

  • Browse-Search-Export Data Online. Realtime display of information in MS Access, SQL Server, and Oracle includes paged results, advanced searches, multi-field sorting, and export results to MS Excel, XML or print friendly HTML.

  • Pro Features for SQL Server DBAs include online Command screen supports MS SQL Server batched commands, the load and run .SQL files from your hard drive, graphic show plan results to assist with query optimization, and support for query timings and DBCC functions. Database design features for Sql Server including create, modify and drop Tables, Fields, Views, Indexes, Stored Procedures, and Foreign Keys.
  • Pro Data Imports includes point-and-click field mapping, good error handling, scalable performance and save/load of import definition for data transfers between Oracle, Access, Sql Server, Text files and Excel.
  • 1 Click DB does not require session state, cookies, Java, JavaScript, Plug-ins, Custom COM Components, or Active-X for essential features.
  • 100% Active Server Pages allows for easy setup Copy or FTP the program files to your webserver with no additional COM components required. The source code is designed to work on most shared or dedicated IIS web servers. A single server can provide web database services for a great many users. Administrators and Developers may customize a single copy of 1 Click DB to service a wide variety of user experiences with a simple configuration file.