David Kawliche

David KawlicheAs Rob Malda (almost) famously said, it just wouldn’t be a homepage without the obligatory, self congratulatory, biographical borefest. Who am I to stand up and reject years of tradition?

I am a software developer and enterprise architect delivering strategic web, database and enterprise software. My technical expertise includes expert knowledge of C#, ASP.NET, MVC, SharePoint, and Sql Server. My skills and knowledge have been demonstrated by repeated and consistent success in the design and delivery of scalable, secure solutions that meet demanding business requirements. RestfulDevelopment.NET is my place on the web to share knowledge about web, database and enterprise software.

David J KawlicheI grew up in Lewiston, Maine and moved to Chicago, Illinois to study philosophy at the University of Chicago. Software is a great profession for me. I have also studied computer music, played in rock bands, and produced multimedia theater with some accomplishment, but, alas, no great commercial success. Thanks to everyone who has supported my professional work and different websites over the years. I am lucky to have met so many great people and done so much interesting work on the Internet. w00t!!!

Technical Resume: http://www.restfuldevelopment.net/david-kawliche/resume/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-kawliche
Phone: 312.203.7624 USA